Monday, 18 July 2016

Lazy Dubs #1

So here is the first of The Slow Music Movement's Dub mixes and trust us there's going to be a few of these. Ever since the 60's in Jamaica dub has been gradually infiltrating the outer reaches of music production and, despite increased awareness due to the rise (and fall) of dubstep in recent years, it has never fully gained mainstream acceptance. Instead it's been lurking in the musical shadows adding it's staple traits and effects to outsider music across the genre spectrum and this mix attempts to highlight some of those backwater resting places for this most timeless of musical genres.

Vatican Shadow - Swords Over Paradise (Infrastructure New York)
Teichmann & Ukoo Flani - Whateverman Dub (Outhere)
Deadbeat - Ain't No More Flowers feat. Fink (BLKRTZ)
Blundetto - Above The Dub (Heavenly Sweetness)
T_A_M - You Don't Want To Look Back There (Apothecary Compositions)
Dr. Zygote - Lunar Dub (Black Acre)
Shantel - Bucovina, OMFO Dub (Essay)
Stillhead feat. Mu Vonz - Maybe We Ain't Dead (Here & Now)
Nomine - Lost Girl feat. Iustina (Nomine Sound)
Me Raabenstein - Ad (Nonine)
Root 70 - Get Things Straight, Instrumental (Non Place)
MM Studio - The Good Star Dub (Album Label)
Hidden Operator - Cloudy Dub (Kings Chamber)
Urich Troyer feat. Vin Gordon - Deadlock, Vin Gordon Version (4 Bit Productions)
Doomsquad - Farmers Almanac (Bella Union)

I hope you enjoy and if you do maybe you would think about sharing it on social media? This is just the beginning of The Slow Music Movement, we have big plans but any assistance along the way would really be appreciated. Talking of social media we are totally covered so connect & stay in touch. Facebook & Twitter are updated pretty regularly with musical tips & reviews appear on the blogs.

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