Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #4

John Stammers - Waiting Around (Wonderful Sound)
INGA - Crossroads (Bandcamp Self Release)
Wild Honey - Torres Blancas (Lovemonk)
The Pasito Allstars - Cosa Nostra (BBE)
Paul Weller - One Tear, Instrumental (Parlaphone)
Coldcut x On-U Sound - Everday Another Sanction feat. Chezidek (Ahead Of Our Time)
RVRSAL - Factory Settings (Bandcamp Self Release)
Kuna Maze - 3am (Cascade)
Gaby Hernandez - Spirit Reflection (Mr. Bongo)
Max Essa - Saguaro (Hell Yeah promo)
YEAHMAN - Hasata (Frente Boliverista)
Duct Tape - Start The Show (BBE)
Electric Sound Broadcast - You Can Be (Echovolt)
2 Responsible - Write It All Down (ASL Singles Club)
Da Lata - Asking Eyes (Agogo)

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Summer Daze #1 - The Peak Time Mix

Even in the north of Europe summer seems to have arrived so to celebrate here is the first of the Summer Daze mix series and it's our most uptempo musical cocktail so far. Using a good imported soul liqueur we add a Balearic mixer and some hip loosening African bitters, pour it all over crushed electronic ice for that Berlin cool, garnish with some lush deep house, seasonal dub berries and pop in an AOR umbrella to finish off this warm weather cocktail. Best served on a well located terrace with a sunset view and room to move your hips as you get lower down the glass.

Ramon Pyrme - Vacance Union (Heavenly Sweetness)
Dazion - Dancing In The Future (Music From Memory)
Mark Barrott - Saviours or Savages (International Feel)
Cuisine Dub - Fjaka (Udacha)
Conga Radio - Naturalmente (Self Release)
Paul Weller - One Tear, Instrumental (Parlaphone)
Dizzy From Rotation - Why Love Matters (Karaoke Kalk promo)
Esa - A Muto (Dayas Nss)
Focus - Rock Batlanga (Crown Ruler)
Dazion - Be A Man (Music From Memory)
Bosq - Tumbala, Aunti Flo Rmx (Ubiquity)
Lord Echo feat Mara TK - Just Do You (Soundway)
Donnell Pitman & Wings Of Sunshine - Do You Wanna (Star Creature)
Scott Gilmore - Song for Cate (Self Released)
TJ Kong - Music, The Clashing Egos Interpretation (Compost)

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Head Nodding #1

Azymuth - Villa Mariana (Far Out Records)
Fabiano Do Nascimento - Oya Nana (Now Again)
Six Organs of Admittance - Threshold Of Light (Drag City)
Fawda Trio ft. SwamiMillion - I Got The Blues (Original Cultures)
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Into Forever, Barck & Comixxx rmx (Sonar Kollektiv)
Baba Ali - Cog In The Wheel (Ways and Means)
Sa Ra Creative Partners - The Bone Song (All Young Kings)
Noname - All I Need (Self Release)
Tay Sean - Space Madness (Homeskillet)
Dennis Ayler - Friday Night (Dennis Ayler Music)
Emanative - Ominous Shanti (Home Planet)
The Kondi Band - Yeanoh (Strut)
Guem - Le Serpent, Jeremy Sole Edit (Bandcamp)
Pirana - Soso Love Version (Dub Store)
Dazion - Rigola (Music From Memory)
Paz - Laying Eggs (BBE)

So most of the mixes so far from us have been fairly chilled, maybe upping the tempo a little near the end so we thought it was time to get your head nodding and toes tapping. You probably won't burst out dancing around the living room but we've put together a nice selection of soulful, jazzy, funky beats & pieces, thrown in a little Brazilian, a bit of dub, some African vibes even a bit of stoner rock and got a steady groove on just to keep your head nodding rather than let you nod off.

Whilst I'm here we've finally launched the website ( and the social media is now in full effect if you want to stay in touch. We try and post daily a new musical discovery and there are some good tips online, even if I say so myself. Feel free to make social media truly social and say hello, we're always keen to get some feedback, your thoughts or suggestions.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #3

So a further dive into the world of The Slow Music Movement and as you are probably realising anything goes. From ambient electronica, abstract dub techno, stoner folk, vintage black rock, cutting edge beats to deeper house and future leaning broken beats. Enjoy the ride and come and say hello on the various social media channels.

James Murray - Holloways (Ultimae)
Christopher Chaplin - Je suis le Tenebreux, Tim Story rmx (Fabrique)
Forest Swords - Sjurvival (Ninja Tune)
Tara Jane O'Neil - BLOW (Bandcamp Self Release)
Braxton Cook - Somewhere In Between (Fresh Selects)
Eureka the Butcher - I Want That (Alpha Pup)
Ante Matas - Track 1 (Bandcamp Free Download)
Cuisine Dub - Lungomare (Udacha)
Blackilites - BL Movement (Now Again promo)
Cosmic Analog Ensemble - Point De Bascule (Mybags promo)
Scott Gilmore - Paranoid Days (Bandcamp Self Release)
Addictive TV - Hangman (K7 promo)
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra feat. Josephine Oniyama - Into Forever, Barck & Comixxx rmx (Sonar Kollektiv promo)
Ikonika - Not Actual Gameplay (Planet Mu promo)
Manu Dibango - Les Cavaliers, Plaid Edit Over Dub (Africa Seven promo)
Pete Josef - Colour, Thousand Island Mix feat. Manu Delago (Sonar Kollektiv)
Laurel Halo - Jelly (Hyperdub)

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