Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mark McGuire - Cool Cloudscapes of The Four Directions Vol. 1 (Bandcamp Self Release)

The new age of new age music is upon us. Now I was never a fan of the whole new age vibe, perhaps it's just me getting old or possibly this has more balls or substance than your run of the mill, well meaning but far too glassy eyed, wishy washy new age fare? Possibly I'm increasingly feeling the need to decompress from modern living - the constant bombardment of information, the dissatisfaction with global elites be them media, political, business or military, the pace of change and the unsustainability of it all? Possibly it's because this album is sold on Bandcamp rather than a web site that looks like it was designed in 2002? Perhaps I just need to buy a house in the country? Whatever - this album is helping.

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