Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #1

Welcome to the inaugural Slow Music Movement radio show,I hope you enjoy the music and if you do then hold tight there will be plenty more to come.

The Slow Music Movement was tentatively launched last year to provide an outlet for quality, eclectic, laid back music with a motto of "Lazy Days, Hazy Moments and Dancing To A Slower Groove". We're slowly ramping things up and the movement will eventually be many things but at the moment enjoy the music

Justin Walter - Unseen Forces (Kranky promo)
1982 - 06:19 (Hubro)
Fink - Little Bump (R'Coup'd)
Dexter Story - Xamar, Stomach Club Reflix Ruff 03 (Soundway)
Dazion - Rigola (Music From Memory)
Baba Ali - Cog In The Wheel (Ways & Means)
Ant Orange - Little Wing (Karaoke Kalk promo)
Luka Productions - Dignetignena (Sahel Sounds)
Six Organs Of Admittance - Threshold Of Light (Drag City)
Spirituals - Love Changes (Doumen)
Polygrains - Salome (Costa Levanda)
Manzanem - Don't Interrupt (PPU)
HOVE - Portes du Soleil (Light Of Other Days)

If you are feeling the show then check out our social media feeds which highlight some of the great music that we stumble across in our wanderings through the world of music:

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