Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #11

Some great ambient dub, digi-folk, Ethio jazz mutations, abstract chilled beats, deep cosmic bass, a bit of Brazil, some horizontal German jazz fusion, thoughtful backpack hip hop & vintage zouk.

Chuck Senrick - Don't Be So Nice (Sonar Kollektiv)
Compass Ion - To See Eternity (Bandcamp Self Release)
The Breathing Effect - Driftwood Dialogue (Alpha Pup)
Herbert Bodzin - The Spoon Out (The Artless Cuckoo)
Jaw Gems - Peace Pipe, Milo Remix (Alpha Pup)
Sven Weisemann - Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus (Delsin)
RinneRadio - Yasmin (The Ambient Zone)
Call Super - Arpo Sunk (Houndstooth promo)
S A D - Osu A Meresu (Udacha)
Caravela - Verde Água (None More)
Juliane - Blanc e Noir, instrumental (Heavenly Sweetness)
Leif - July V (Tio Series)
K-Lone - In The Dust Of This Planet (Soundman Chronicles)

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