Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #21

From pastoral Balearic soundtracks to neo-classical leaning minimal, vintage soul folk & Pacific island Afro European roots, weird synth inventions and post trap futuristic ambient sci-fi psychedelic soundscapes make an appearance before heading into some rare library music covers with a subtle hip hop twist, we then get tropical with some brand new Afrobeat & Afro house before finishing off with some deep house and finally drift off into the sunset with some warm weather ambient house.

Test Card - Those Long Dusks Of Summer (Sound In Silence)
Ben Bertrand - Orion Molecular Cloud (Les Albums Claus)
SkyDive Trio - Engine Rest (Hubro)
Band X - Home (BBE)
Alain Peters - Caloubadia 1981 (Bongo Joe)
Sign Libra - Mantodea VS Furcifer Pardalis (Antinote)
Cavalier - Synesthesia (Alpha Pup)
Medline - Scrabble (MyBags)
Ebo Taylor - Aboa Kyirbin (Mr. Bongo)
Laolu & Mr. Raoul K - Djougou Yah feat. Ahmed Sosso (Compost promo)
House of Blondes - Why It Happened in the West (Alrealon Musique)
Gallo - Remember To Forget, Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient rmx (Hell Yeah)

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