Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Slow Music Movement Inaugural Mix - Horizontal #1 Is Here!

This is the inaugural mix from the newly formed The Slow Music Movement so we thought we'd kick things off as slow as it gets and build from there.

Working 120 hours a week? Partner just run off with your best friend? Moving house, changing jobs, taking your final exams or just struggling to cope with the pace of modern living?

This mix can help.

Take a moment, jump on the sofa, dim the lights, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple & let these beautiful tracks sonically carress your temples & rub your back with hot oil. Slowly all that stress & tension with start to seep through every pore until you reach a state of zen like bliss or more than likely fall asleep with the glass of wine still in your hand. We can't be held responsible for any stains on your new sofa by the way.

You get the idea - no beats, gentle sounds, subtle drones, delicate instrumentation & beautiful music.

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Mop Mop - Alfa (Agogo)
Gold Panda - Unthanks (City Slang)
Solo Andata - Porcelain Blue (12K)
Weirdance - Weirdistan, Outrospective Version (165c Records)
Huerco S - Hear Me Out (Proibito)
Tindersticks - Follow Me (City Slang)
Aukai - Hideen (Bandcamp Self Release)
Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante - A Worn Out Life (Karaoke Kalk)
Submerse - It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Loses (Project Mooncircle)
Choir Of Young Believers - Olimpiyskiy (Ghostly International)
Phaeleh - All That Remains (Undertow)
Tobias Preisig & Stefan Rusconi - Gilliane (Qilin)
Solo Andata - Laugh Shattered (12K)
Robert Logan - Wind (Slowfoot)
The Balustrade Ensemble - Everything Stirs (Serein)
Lo Tide - Roll (Diventa)
Emufucka - Yuna (Fremdtunes)

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