Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mark Barrott - Sketches From An Island 2

So this is more of a heads up than a review as we haven't got a promo and the album isn't released until tomorrow. To be honest most of the reviews we intend to do will be short and sweet as we would like to consider ourselves a musical Tinder if you like. We'll throw a load of releases at you that we think are worth checking out and you decide what is good for you and which to swipe left on. So cop a listen to this album sampler of the impending Sketches From An Island 2 to be released tomorrow and carry on reading.

Just as a bit of background Mark is originally from Sheffield but, as lovely as this jewel of South Yorkshire is, has probably wisely ended up in Ibiza via spells in Berlin and Uruguay. A prolific and eclectic music maker of three decades experience Mark has now wound up being one of the modern Balearic flag bearers both with his own increasingly chilled productions and by putting out a multitude of artists and  releases on his International Feel record label that largely fit that loosest and most open to interpretation of genre labels.

Sketches from An Island 2 is not going to change that reputation with it's blend of laid back island vibes, sun drenched soul and easy listening bordering on the queso like which have all combined to produce the perfect summer soundtrack not to mention being on of those rare releases that you and your parents will probably both agree on.

If you want to investigate further then here is the prequel album in all it's easily obtainable Bandcamp glory.

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