Friday, 20 July 2018

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #27

Balearic ambience, modern composition, dub flavours and a hint of Africa. Wobbly and cosmic boogie, classic soul jazz, Afro house and classic yacht rocking disco - it's all here.

Test Card - The Analog Nature of Summer (The Slow Music Movement promo)
Seán Mac Erlain - Horse-drawn Thoughts (Ergodos)
Dauwd - Analogische Memories, Piano (Technicolour)
Lianna - Oye, Tricky D Dub (BBE)
The Grey Area - Denge Pose (Tokyo Dawn)
Carlos Maria - Blu Terra (Rush Hour)
Steve Hauschildt - Alienself (Ghostly International)
River Yarra - Sli Ggogg (Antinote)
Ground - Follow Me (ESP Institute)
Gabriele Poso - Everybody Loves The Sunshien (BBE)
Space Ghost - Color Waves (Tartelet)
Sunlightsquare - Celebration of Oggun, Yoruba Soul Mix (Yoruba)
Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love, Jim Burgess Disco Mix

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