Friday, 3 August 2018

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #28

Electronic adventures in laid back beats and ambience this week on the whole but with lots of interesting twists whether is it African, psychedelic, folk, dub or Balearic.

Pariah - Seed Bank (Houndstooth)
Test Card - Too Soon For Yesterday (The Slow Music Movement promo)
Sandro Perri - Everybody's Paris Pt. II feat. Andre Ethier (Constellation promo)
Dorian Concept - Dishwater (Brainfeeder)
Beat Pharmacy - High Tide (ROHS!)
Casino Versus Japan -  Slow Fade (Kranky)
Emil Abramyan - Fever (Kingdoms promo)
David Baron feat. Simi Stone - The Steps, Lomea Rework (Here & Now)
Forma - Three-Two (Kranky)
Gallo - Sverna (Hell Yeah! promo)
Ross From Friends - The Knife (Brainfeeder)
Mike Nyoni - It's Only a Dream (Now & Again)
Cave - San'Yago (Drag City)
Ebo Taylor - Mumudey Mumudey, Naturboy Flako rmx (Mr. Bongo)

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