Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Slow Music Movement Radio Show #4

John Stammers - Waiting Around (Wonderful Sound)
INGA - Crossroads (Bandcamp Self Release)
Wild Honey - Torres Blancas (Lovemonk)
The Pasito Allstars - Cosa Nostra (BBE)
Paul Weller - One Tear, Instrumental (Parlaphone)
Coldcut x On-U Sound - Everday Another Sanction feat. Chezidek (Ahead Of Our Time)
RVRSAL - Factory Settings (Bandcamp Self Release)
Kuna Maze - 3am (Cascade)
Gaby Hernandez - Spirit Reflection (Mr. Bongo)
Max Essa - Saguaro (Hell Yeah promo)
YEAHMAN - Hasata (Frente Boliverista)
Duct Tape - Start The Show (BBE)
Electric Sound Broadcast - You Can Be (Echovolt)
2 Responsible - Write It All Down (ASL Singles Club)
Da Lata - Asking Eyes (Agogo)

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